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No Expert

Welcome to our blog. We are the Davison's and we bought 5 acres with the dream of being self-sufficient. That seems to be the dream of a lot of people.

While we are no expert, we will share what is working for us. Recipes, chickens, gardening and so much more.

So let me tell you a little about us. I was in the medical field for over 18 years. I am currently in the insurance business. My husband has always worked with wood, He is currently in the overhead crane business.

With our love of animals and gardening, it just seemed appropriate for us to homestead.

I have always had interest in growing my own food and plants that help replace modern medicine.

We have three dogs, 16 chickens and currently feeding 7 stray cats. We hope to add a milking cow, horses, donkey, and a goat.

Come follow us on our journey and learn with us.



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